The inaugural Bulimba Burn is the newest community event to hit our streets of Bulimba and it promises to become a long term highlight on the Bulimba community social calendar.  This event is all about our local community and we want everyone to get involved and have fun!

The Bulimba Burn 333 (known the world over simply as The Burn 333) is 333m of agonising uphill running from the roundabout at the bottom of Oxford Street in Bulimba to – yes, you guessed it! – the top of Oxford Street (at the start of Wentworth Parade).

This is probably the shortest, steepest, toughest and silliest fun run in Brisbane. If not the whole, entire world. This will be so much fun to run that our runners will be known as ‘funners’!!

A few fun facts about The Burn …

  • The average gradient of the course is 1:3
  • The steepest part of the 333m course is 1:2
  • The course passes exactly 27 houses. These fine people actually choose to live on ‘the hill’!
  • Each school day a few hundred kids from Bulimba State School struggle up ‘the hill’ to get to their classroom. It shows how good school must be and how great the teachers are.
  • World 100M Record Holder Usain Bolt was invited to run the 2017 Bulimba Burn. He chickened out, saying, ‘there’s no way I’m running up that hill. I only run on flat or downhill courses’.
  • It would take a standard-issue snail about 17 days to complete the Bulimba Burn (depending on wind conditions)
  • The current World Record of 3m15s is held by a local school mum during school drop off, chasing her son up the hill who had forgotten his lunch box.

Bulimba State School P&C Association

The Parents and Citizen’s Association ("the P&C") is an active group of parents and interested citizens committed to supporting the Bulimba State School Community. Working together with the school Principal and staff, the P&C strive to enhance the learning and social environment, for all students at Bulimba State School.
Unfortunately Governments budgets don’t stretch to cover all the items we require. Parental and community involvement with fundraising activities is so important to raise the funds to purchase these valuable and much needed resources and all funds raised from The Burn will be reinvested in the school community.

The Bulimba Burn 333 and the Bulimba State School Xmas Markets will take place on Sunday 3rd December 2017.

The Bulimba Burn 333 will comprise 17 running events from the bottom of Oxford Street to the entrance to Bulimba State School on Wentworth Parade. Each event is a distance of 333m and competitors can either walk back down the hill on the footpath or use the school grounds to return to the bottom oval. The Bulimba Burn 333 will start at 8.30am and finish at 11am.

The Bulimba State School Xmas Markets will take place on the bottom and middle ovals adjacent to Riding Road and will operate for the duration of the Bulimba Burn 333 and beyond (from 8.00am to 2pm). The centrepiece of the Xmas Markets will be the appearance of Santa and his helpers. The Xmas Markets will be made up of a mixture of food, product and activity stalls, along with family entertainment.

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